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today i went to school as usual...and it waz realli boring until "fitness friday"...we all just ran around and went crazy and then me and mary walked home with dani,billy, and dani's brother...then mary came over and we hung out, walked to daniela's...then walked to hilltop and on the way saw a black cat so we ran home and we thought every car was gonna stop and try to kidnapp us cause that notice that went out haha...then mary went home and i went to relay for life with daniela...then at first we just walked around and bought junk, then we walked around the track with candles and danced for a long time...then me, dani, bridgette, jake, lucas, bridgette,greg,jessenia, matt, alana, billy and other ppl got food and HOT chocolate...then i saw my katie and my lesia and talked to them for a while...then we danced more and did the electric slide o yeahhhh...then lucas bought me a ring =)...i bought a light up pacifier that was also a whistle!!! then we just went crazy for the rest of the night...then me, dani, alana, and jessenia all went home with daniela and got dropped off at our houses at like 10:45 and that was pretty much it...good times tonight...ilu guys!!! nothing but the best...AND I SAW MY CHELSEA LYNNE...o yeah bffe! love ya!...well, nothing left to say...
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