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today was fun = ) was boring and they gave us tons of recess i was like high and was in my own little world...then i walked home with dani, dan, billy, matt, and dani's lil' brother...then everyone but her brother came over and we just ran around and there was a rapist at the end of my street...ahhh!!! lol and so we all ran inside...then i came home and charlie UNBLOCKED ME!! can you say then we talked and it was actually kinda fun..then of course me and magda were goin crazii talking abot that little fish that sings : take me to the water, back into the river or however it goes...haha lylas xOx!!! bffe!...then i did homework and took pictures to show charlie since he " forgot what i look like "..ok whatever...then he wasn't on so i didnt get to send it after all that...then my damn AIM got fucked up so i just went upstairs and talked on the phone for the rest of the night...well nothing left to say....
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Stupid rapists, there everywhere! haha, yesterday was hilarious in many ways, we need to do that more often.
how can you forget what an ex girlfriend looks like. i mean come onnnnnnnnnnnn
Oh Charlie is just a worthless piece of crabgrass, no offence to you. He is making girls put charlie is the sexiest man alive in their profile, it is awful!
omg i know!! hes such a bastard.. god. i hated him the first time he did something to hurt jenn.. goshh.

i mean no offence to his other ex girlfriends and people who like him. but hey. i speak my mind.