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hey...haven't written in a while but oh i go out with corey and hes really sweet...hes way better then charlie and katie i know you will like he so much more...well we won our past few games in softball and are undefeated...hellz yeah...cause lissy hits home runs like every game haha =)and my katie totally rocks at ctaching, and kelly kills the ball, too!!...well tonight me, kasandra, corey, robby, wesley, kenny, marcus, and other ppl went to the first they wouldn't let us in so we lied and said kenny and wesley were 13...haha...then we got in the movie and everyone was so annoying..all the ppl in the theatre were kickin my seat, throwing stuff and screaming through the whole movie and all the ppl that work there came and took ppl out...but corey was there so we just held hands and stuff =)...then kasandra came back to my house and now shes sitting next to me and shes gonna sleep over!!! yay!...and corey fell asleep on the phone haha love ya corey...then my sisters gay friend ate all my food and drank my gatorade!! ughh i so hate him...well nothing left to say...write laterr <3

lesia's a survivor and im a diver..haha leshie lyl xOx bffenene!!! good times...true blondes 4e!!
[[ you cant count too!!! from 12 TO 5!!!! ]]

gabby good times haha silly string!!! erin where are you going...nowhere...haha wow lol bffe good times...lylas....xoxoxoxo

- KaTiE's LoSeR -
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