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today was fun =), my mommy, and my sis went to mandee's then westfield mall until around 1:00...then i sat out in the sun for a while...then andy, mike , and nick came over and we hung out...then kasandra, lori, and kayln stopped my so we all walked to hiltop together...then we walked back and the guys went home so then charlie came...then we just kinda chilled here for a while...then after heleft i ate dinner and put the stuff from the mall away, and then talked to kasandra on the phone...yay!!!...then my mommy went to get me ice cream but the place was closed so she made me a chocolate milkshake instead...yummy!...i get so0o spoiled this whole week cause my nose...and it doesnt even hurt but shh! don't tell her that...then i took a shower andcame online and made up a new word with lesia, happierestest...the word that describes our true love for each other =)...then we named planets and i won and she knows it...then me, lesia, and charlie got married!!! cause were all madly in love with each and carroll's coming to rape me and i feel bad for charlie...hes got grls and guys hitting on him ...Element Kid 2393: mcjtbballstar: ok love you bye
mcjtbballstar: sleep tint gay pride...he be trying to steal my man! lol i love charlie and lesia oh so much!!! was awesome...=)
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