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  • Music: at school we pigged out on pizza, cake, and candy...then we had recess for like the rest of the day...FUN! gabby that janitor is hott stuff! woohoo!...omg then walking around the school for 20 minutes talking to jillian ,cristina, brianna, daniela, macy, and daniela...and with nicole when i wouldnt push my chair in...the cow jumped over the so mean i no...but it slipped

then i get home and have my little mini-fight with jena over charlie...ughh boys again...grrr...
then my lovely kasandra called and told me all the shit charlie did and how he ran from katie..hehe i love both of them = ]...well i think me and charlie are pretty much done...he doesn't wanna take me back this time...i wish he would...even after all of this but..hey...i can't do anything about that...well help me here?...he gave me this really pretty necklace that i wear everyday...but i feel weird wearing as if it's not for me...i don't know what o do with it...should i keep it...or like idk put it in a drawer for a really long time...i'm just not sure...i feel like it belongs to another girl so i just wanna put it away and never look at it cause it reminds me of all those good times...but then its so pretty...idk help!

since i didn't go ice skating i went to kasandra's house...we walked around for a while...then went to spider park and hung out with dylan for a bit...then we walked home and me alyssa and kasandra ate twizzlers and chocolate and sat and talked on their grandma's trampoline for like two hours...then we went inside and waited for my mom to come and pick me up...

then later at night gabby called more conflict..long long story if you wanna know...ask?

ughh then later tonight i found out charlie likes had to be my best whatever...but then he tries telling me that i can't like him and if i do we can't even be friends...whatever maybe if he stopped saying he would NEVER like me again i just might feel a little better...what really set me off if when he said pretend you don't know me , we never went out, forget it can you forget something like that!..pshh guys...well if he wants gabby he can have her but once he has her he won't get me he'll never even like me so whatever...sometmes i just wish he could give me one last chance...gosh i love this kid...but if i ever want another chance i gotta get over him..ughh it seems physically impossible...

tomorrow and sunday we have practice for softball...AGAIN...grr...well we get to slide...ha this ought to be good...i'm gonna like trip like last jana...katie i promise if i pitch to you i won't hit you and make you fall in the mud!!!hehe...oopsie!
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