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[31 May 2005|01:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey...i haven't written in a while...well so far all i did was go to 711 and stop & shop cuz i stayed home and so did my mommy and my sister...so i'm doin homework that i never did and yeah...i'm rele bored..so i bought fake nails at stop & shop and had my sister glue them on so she does but of course she clues my finger to the nail...thats great...then later i have a softball game and i dont feel like going...

well two days ago my parents went out all night to this party and since i didn't feel like sitting here all night alone with lauren and adam charlie, mike, and joe came over and we just chilled...lmao LIGHTNING!!! AH..ilugs...

yesterday charlie, mike, and joe came over for a while and we hung out and charlie got me SOAKING WET! ughh w/e payback...then i hadda go to Newtown for my lil cousins b-day party and it was boring as hell...
well theres nothing left to say...

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[13 May 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

today i went to school as usual...and it waz realli boring until "fitness friday"...we all just ran around and went crazy and then me and mary walked home with dani,billy, and dani's brother...then mary came over and we hung out, walked to daniela's...then walked to hilltop and on the way saw a black cat so we ran home and we thought every car was gonna stop and try to kidnapp us cause that notice that went out haha...then mary went home and i went to relay for life with daniela...then at first we just walked around and bought junk, then we walked around the track with candles and danced for a long time...then me, dani, bridgette, jake, lucas, bridgette,greg,jessenia, matt, alana, billy and other ppl got food and HOT chocolate...then i saw my katie and my lesia and talked to them for a while...then we danced more and did the electric slide o yeahhhh...then lucas bought me a ring =)...i bought a light up pacifier that was also a whistle!!! then we just went crazy for the rest of the night...then me, dani, alana, and jessenia all went home with daniela and got dropped off at our houses at like 10:45 and that was pretty much it...good times tonight...ilu guys!!! nothing but the best...AND I SAW MY CHELSEA LYNNE...o yeah bffe! love ya!...well, nothing left to say...

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[09 May 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

today was fun = )...school was boring and they gave us tons of homework...at recess i was like high and was in my own little world...then i walked home with dani, dan, billy, matt, and dani's lil' brother...then everyone but her brother came over and we just ran around and there was a rapist at the end of my street...ahhh!!! lol and so we all ran inside...then i came home and charlie UNBLOCKED ME!! can you say m-i-r-a-c-l-e...lol then we talked and it was actually kinda fun..then of course me and magda were goin crazii talking abot that little fish that sings : take me to the water, back into the river or however it goes...haha lylas xOx!!! bffe!...then i did homework and took pictures to show charlie since he " forgot what i look like "..ok whatever...then he wasn't on so i didnt get to send it after all that...then my damn AIM got fucked up so i just went upstairs and talked on the phone for the rest of the night...well nothing left to say....

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[08 May 2005|10:32pm]
charlie is sexii and he's the best ...
damn i love him ''cuz he da mudda fucking pimp''
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[07 May 2005|12:18am]
[ mood | energetic ]

hey...haven't written in a while but oh well...so i go out with corey and hes really sweet...hes way better then charlie and katie i know you will like he so much more...well we won our past few games in softball and are undefeated...hellz yeah...cause lissy hits home runs like every game haha =)and my katie totally rocks at ctaching, and kelly kills the ball, too!!...well tonight me, kasandra, corey, robby, wesley, kenny, marcus, and other ppl went to the movies...at first they wouldn't let us in so we lied and said kenny and wesley were 13...haha...then we got in the movie and everyone was so annoying..all the ppl in the theatre were kickin my seat, throwing stuff and screaming through the whole movie and all the ppl that work there came and took ppl out...but corey was there so we just held hands and stuff =)...then kasandra came back to my house and now shes sitting next to me and shes gonna sleep over!!! yay!...and corey fell asleep on the phone haha love ya corey...then my sisters gay friend ate all my food and drank my gatorade!! ughh i so hate him...well nothing left to say...write laterr <3

lesia's a survivor and im a diver..haha leshie lyl xOx bffenene!!! good times...true blondes 4e!!
[[ you cant count too!!! from 12 TO 5!!!! ]]

gabby good times haha silly string!!! erin where are you going...nowhere...haha wow lol bffe good times...lylas....xoxoxoxo

- KaTiE's LoSeR -

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[30 Apr 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

this mornin' i woke up at 11:30 and did absolutely nothing till like 4...at 4 i went to the movies and saw A Lot Like Love with gabby and alex...at first we played the games with that claw thingy, but we got bored and walked to petland, poisoned a fishy, and checked out payless...lol they're such fakes...then we went and watched the movie...haha we went to go buy a slurpee and didn't have enough money, wow we looked like total assholes..then we bought large nachos and wild cherry coke, and peanut butter m&m's later on...then my mommy dropped them off at alex's and we went to dairy queen...yummmmm....then i came home and did nothing for a while until the whole matt carroll thing started...wow gabby, macy, katie, nikki, allie, charlie...that was fun...never forget tonight!!!...haha wow he went overboard!!!...his new s/n --- mccgcmpornstar...lol the initials in the beginning [[ matt carroll, charlie gombas, corey mattioli....haha then ya know the rest...but i like matt jackson way better then matt carroll...lol well nothing left to say!! <33

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[29 Apr 2005|06:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well today i went to school for the first time in like two weeks!!!...haha staying home was getting boring anyway...well, school was actually ok...my nose hurt but writing was so much fun cause we played this game and totally sucked but hey it was awesome...then we had this hour long assembly with this rele gay science guy who said nothing but perverted stuff....his name was "Mr. Science"...oh boy what fun!...then i went to gabby's house and we ate the cookie dough we bought from hilltop!!! haha yummm...im so dumb...o well being dumb is fun and katie and gabby no that 0=)...then we went down to wigwam with matt, billy, and andy...eh that was kinda boring but it was something to do...well nothing to do tonight so i'll prolly be sittin here bored...oh well....gabby bffe! good times <3

SUNDAY'S OUR NEXT GAME....WOOO!!! cya there katie ;) #4 and #7 forever!

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[28 Apr 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well today was my last day home....oh well it was starting to get boring...so yesterday i got the surgery and shit and now my nose like kills and when i laugh the bone moves...its so gross!!..so no more softball and not a lot of anything...and then the sticky tape on my nose that is VISABLE grr...it holds my nose in place...icky!...then my mommy dropped me off at whitney today so i said hi to everyone and then walked home with daniela, billy, matt, robby, and ryan and they came over for a while...fun!

i wanna play softball, gosh im not the kind of person that just sits around!!! this totally sucks...

now katie can clap for me cause im OFFICIALLY OVER CHARLIE!!![[i think ]] ...haha gabby, macy, katie, and marisa, member that night with the whole bisexual thing lol? ... unforgetable night...ilugsm!!

gabby ASSHOLES...CURSE THEM!!! lol what store could possibly only have one shoe! note to self: don't go to footlocker unless you only have one foot! - bitch hole ;) ...lylas xoxox so many good times...bffenene! peace up atown down...lets play dressup [[ this time without giving me a makeup moustache!!! ]] tehe lyl! CANT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!!

yes katie you are a dork...and thats what i love about you =) xox

robby, matt, and daniela rock my world =)

not much else to say cause today was boring...byezzz!!!

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[26 Apr 2005|09:55am]
well i stayed home again today, but it was better cause gabby and john stayed home with me!!! yay...well last night charlie cut me again...i still love him, but it's kinda getten old, we break up like everyday and it sucks cas i actually liked him...well w/e i'm avoiding the whole situation...so today at 2:30 i gotta go to the doctors to get "cleared" and i still don't know what that means, then tomorrow is the whole surgery and shit...then i think charlie's still coming with me..i hope...not sure...then im just gonna sit home tomorrow like today and yesterday, hopefully with charlie...at the game yesterday me and meggy sat in the car and talked and messed with all the buttons in the car...haha that was fun!

katie can count woohoo!!! =)

well nothing left to say...i'll try to right tomorrow!!!!
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[25 Apr 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well i haven't written a while so theres a lot to say...i gotta get surgery for my damn nose cause its "displaced", its gonna be this whole big thing, and i really don't wanna get it dont, but as usual i don't have a choice...after i get the surgery i can't do anything for 6 weeks, which means no recess, no sports, and not a lot of running around, which sucks, cause i'm not the kind of person that likes sitting home all day everyday while all my friends are out...i was actually looking foward to playing softball this year cause i'm with all my friends that are older then me and it's my first year on the majors, but cause of my stupid nose which i already hated before this happened, i'm out for the season.

at least i can say tnings with charlie are doin pretty good for now...we'll see what happens laterr...

just have to say that katie and lesia are the best ppl in this world =)...thanks guys lul xox...
katie thanks so much for always being there for me...i love you katie... lesia same to you!!!

i stayed home sick today cause i have a really bad cold and was up almost all night because of it...then i have wed. and thurs. off cause the surgery is on wed. and my recovery day is thurs...this cold sucks i can hardly breathe and i'm so effin tired and bored...no1 else stayed home today...grrr

and of course theres my other bestest friends dan and macy...wow can't live without macy to brighten up your day!!! lylas...and then theres dan...good old dan...always there for you, and someone you can talk to and know he won't tell anyone what you say...thanks lylab...

today is the cubs first softball game!!!...can't wait to watch us kick the braves ass!!! come to wigwam if you wanna watch [[were the bright blue team haha]] i'm #4, katies #7, and Laur's #10 look for us if ya go! [[ i'll be on the bench or in the car ]] ;)

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[19 Apr 2005|07:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

today was fun =)...me, my mommy, and my sis went to mandee's then westfield mall until around 1:00...then i sat out in the sun for a while...then andy, mike , and nick came over and we hung out...then kasandra, lori, and kayln stopped my so we all walked to hiltop together...then we walked back and the guys went home so then charlie came...then we just kinda chilled here for a while...then after heleft i ate dinner and put the stuff from the mall away, and then talked to kasandra on the phone...yay!!!...then my mommy went to get me ice cream but the place was closed so she made me a chocolate milkshake instead...yummy!...i get so0o spoiled this whole week cause my nose...and it doesnt even hurt anymore..lol but shh! don't tell her that...then i took a shower andcame online and made up a new word with lesia, happierestest...the word that describes our true love for each other =)...then we named planets and i won and she knows it...then me, lesia, and charlie got married!!! cause were all madly in love with each other...wow and carroll's coming to rape me and charlie..now i feel bad for charlie...hes got grls and guys hitting on him ...Element Kid 2393: mcjtbballstar: ok love you bye
mcjtbballstar: sleep tint babe..wow gay pride...he be trying to steal my man! lol i love charlie and lesia oh so much!!!...today was awesome...=)

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[18 Apr 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so0o...kasandra slept over last night and in the morning we ate french toast then met charlie at hiltop...then we walked home and hung out for a while...then my mommy made them leave for whatever reason so then i went outside and tanned for a while...then charlie came back over with andy, mike, and nick for a while and we just chilled 'till they went home...then i ate dinner, talked to charlie for a while but then he left for stevens house so i talked to mike and them for a while...after that i watched the rest of toy story and went downstairs with my sister and her boyfriend, adam...we started taking pictures then went totally crazii and now we're a family...[[they adopted me]]...then she got lipstick all over his face..wow...well didn't do much else today...tomorrow my mommy, me, and my sister are going to the mall and then charlie might come over = )...

ughh this whole nose thing totally sucks...i can hardly do anything...i can't even run..oh well...i still can't believe i ended up with a broken nose...well i have to go see "dr. coffee" thursday so he can tell me all the shit about when my nose will heal and what i can do for now...i sware he touches me i'll kick him...grr i hate doctors = ]

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[17 Apr 2005|10:19am]
[ mood | listless ]

hey guys..i haven't written in here for a while so here goes...well as many of you know i broke my nose yesterday...Diandra hit a pop fly and me and the pitcher collided, not knowing who's it was to catch...so we fell to the ground and my sister ran over and i guess i asked her if my nose was bleeding and she said yeah...i just kinda closed my eyes and started crying cas not to be gross but...the blodd was pouring out...katie, kasandra you guys saw...sorry to flip out when u were watching but yeah..well the next thing i know my mommy picked me up and took me to the grass getting fuckin blood all over my shirt and now it's ruined...then i sat down and the took a water bottle and rinsed the blood of my hands and face and stuff...i was crying rele hard and i sat back up walked to the bench and saw lyssi crying cause she blamed me getting hurt on herself and i felt so0o bad...so then i was calmed down but then my nose actually started to hurt rather then just bleed...so i started flipping and me, my dad, my mom, my sister, and kasandra all went to my doctors...then they said they couldn't do anything so they took me to MedNow...i hadda take x-rays and then yeah my nose broke! ahh it sucks but oh well...things happen...so i can't rele do to much for a few weeks but the break wasn't too bad so i'm lucky..sorry for all the icky details but hey!

then charlie and kasandra came over and we just kinda hung out for a lil' while...then i had burger king and my grandma brought me pretty yellow flowers and chocolate ice cream with cherry topping from dairy queen and my mommy said i get whatever i want for a week...so like i can go to the mall and if you wann come ask i can bring 1 or 2 ppl...

then jena started fuckin yelling at me ...well newsflash i went out with him first...u guys started liking him and i'm not going to cut him for no fuckin reason i love him! he won't go out with u anyway jena! so don't bother wasting your breath cas its useless...

katie i hope ur knee feels better! i <3 you big looser!!!

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[10 Apr 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | sad ]

today sucked...of course i still love charlie...whats new?...well i came home from kasandra's, then went to church, then from there i went to softball practice...fun fun fun! haha not...then marisa and kaylea came over and we hung out for a while since gabby and charlie were at wooster doing whatever...ahh good friends i have...well i dont know...idk what im doing...i say i dont care bout gabby and charlie...but i do its just if i didn't tell gabby to say yes charlie would hate me and i just can't have that...shes a great friend though...to even do that...she'd hate me if i went out with matt and she no's it...well idk i love charlie...i just wish he would tell me if he knows this is definitely the end of us...i feel so restless sitting here waiting and crying every night cause i want him to come back...i just need to no if i should just stay away from him...i love him...most of you guys understand...idk...ughhh

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[08 Apr 2005|03:39pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

ok...today at school we pigged out on pizza, cake, and candy...then we had recess for like the rest of the day...FUN! gabby that janitor is hott stuff! woohoo!...omg then walking around the school for 20 minutes talking to jillian ,cristina, brianna, daniela, macy, and daniela...and with nicole when i wouldnt push my chair in...the cow jumped over the moon...im so mean i no...but it slipped

then i get home and have my little mini-fight with jena over charlie...ughh boys again...grrr...
then my lovely kasandra called and told me all the shit charlie did and how he ran from katie..hehe i love both of them = ]...well i think me and charlie are pretty much done...he doesn't wanna take me back this time...i wish he would...even after all of this but..hey...i can't do anything about that...well help me here?...he gave me this really pretty necklace that i wear everyday...but i feel weird wearing it...like as if it's not for me...i don't know what o do with it...should i keep it...or like idk put it in a drawer for a really long time...i'm just not sure...i feel like it belongs to another girl so i just wanna put it away and never look at it cause it reminds me of all those good times...but then its so pretty...idk help!

since i didn't go ice skating i went to kasandra's house...we walked around for a while...then went to spider park and hung out with dylan for a bit...then we walked home and me alyssa and kasandra ate twizzlers and chocolate and sat and talked on their grandma's trampoline for like two hours...then we went inside and waited for my mom to come and pick me up...

then later at night gabby called me...wow more conflict..long long story if you wanna know...ask?

ughh then later tonight i found out charlie likes gabby...it had to be my best friend...eh whatever...but then he tries telling me that i can't like him and if i do we can't even be friends...whatever maybe if he stopped saying he would NEVER like me again i just might feel a little better...what really set me off if when he said pretend you don't know me , we never went out, forget it all...how can you forget something like that!..pshh guys...well if he wants gabby he can have her but once he has her he won't get me again...plus he'll never even like me so whatever...sometmes i just wish he could give me one last chance...gosh i love this kid...but if i ever want another chance i gotta get over him..ughh it seems physically impossible...

tomorrow and sunday we have practice for softball...AGAIN...grr...well we get to slide...ha this ought to be good...i'm gonna like trip like last time...lol jana...katie i promise if i pitch to you i won't hit you and make you fall in the mud!!!hehe...oopsie!

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[07 Apr 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

ok...today was half good half bad...school today rocked..{{i never thought those words would come out of my mouth }}...only cause the assembly rocked...see me and gabby fell madly in love with two of the african dudes...wow one of them knew how to move..woah!..well my guy, who was named jeff, around 70 yrs. old came up to ME with the drum and let me play it...wow i had no clue what to do!...and me and gabby started fighting over that hot hunk = ] so then she decided to take the man that looked like a caveman while i got the priest- looking hairy chested pajama one...then we all got up and danced and did the conga line..woo so much fun...

after school... me, alana, gabby, syd, jessenia set off to kohl's to get our totally awesome outfits for the talent show...then after we got done with our hour long fitting we went to dunkin' donuts and got coolata's and chocolate donuts...were pigs...then we went back to alana's and practiced our dance while running around and pigging out on ice...haha good times..ilu guys...

now comes the fun part...i get home and have a whole big conflict with charlie and jena...cause someone went on charlie's screen name and said stuff...i dont even no what but then he got mad...now hes saying he won't go back out with me...well whateve i love him..but his decision..and i <3 jena and all but...idk...i just wish she didnt tell him she liked him...she got pissed when i liked robby...so how does she think i feel?...well whatever that just made my day!

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[06 Apr 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | miserable ]

well today at school was okay...we had a substitute teacher so we pretty much did whatever the hell we wanted...then after school we had talent show practice and we did the bestest...lol...we need a little work...then i got too play lucas's guitar...hell yeah...here comes the besterest part of my day...after my grandma dropped me off at home...i went online..then i looked at my messages and saw charlie saying i can't go out with you cause i'm moving to africa and you cut me last...wow come on now come up with an excuse that fits this world...yeah have fun in africa i hope your plane crashes...and i cut him last night cause i didn't wanna get hurt...could we say a coincident?...ha perfect?..being the dumb person that i am i said yes to him...everyone was telling me he was gonna do this and i'm sorry i didn't listen to ya guys...haha yes charlie i love you so0o much too...

for once im actually happy to go to softball...i'll be with the people that actually care...and maybe it can get my mind off the only guy i ever LOVED...and cause its hot out...yay!..

this world rocks = ]haha not...

i still love charlie so much...i'm gonna need a whole lot of help to forget this guy...you guys know...i really liked him...more then anyone...i even picked him over my family...i did everything i could to make him happy...

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[05 Apr 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well...today pretty much sucked...school was boring as hell and we had a lot of homework, but on top of that i had to go to religious school for an hour which was pretty much living hell...we did absolutely nothing and i just sat there watching the clock...then my mom and i took the truck to pick my sister up at tanning and she took forever to get out so we sat in the burning hot sun if the car waiting...then when we finally got home i had to go put stinkin clothes away...and on top of that i get online and the first thing i see if charlie saying idk...can this get any worse? well yeah it can...hes sittin here tellin me he dont know if he's gonna cut me and he won't tell me what the fuck is wrong...come on he knows i love him...so does everyone else in this world...god i'm not going through this again...i know i said this before but if he cuts me and i take him back you guys gotta help me...i knew this would happen...ahh FUCK!

i guess there was a plus to the day...my dad went to Florida for the week cause he got laid off from his job...at least there won't be so much fighting for the week...ughh and maybe i'll get through one whole week without getting grounded...

well of course good old macy made my day! nice to know i got someone who i knowwon't let me down...
ughh today fuckin sucks...

i love him so0o much why can't he see...</3

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[04 Apr 2005|08:09pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

this is my first time doing this so its not too great...well today i came home from school...ate a pickle..then went outside cause charlie came over...we played basketball and hung out for a while then he went home around 5:15...after that i did boring homework then ate pasta for dinner...then i kinda pigged out on cookies ; ]...today was a kinda lazy day... ughh i really hate my family sometimes...like almost everyday everyones fighting and i'm getting really sick of it...sometimes i wish i could just move out...theres never a day that goes by without someone yelling or without either me or my sis getting in trouble...ughh it's so complicated right now... i like softball and all...but the practices can be really boring...we have practices three times a week and two of the practices are on the weekends which completely eliminates all weekend plans until the games start...it also sucks cause we have to play in the rain too..last practice we sat there in the pouring rain and practiced...

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