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well today at school was okay...we had a substitute teacher so we pretty much did whatever the hell we wanted...then after school we had talent show practice and we did the need a little work...then i got too play lucas's guitar...hell comes the besterest part of my day...after my grandma dropped me off at home...i went online..then i looked at my messages and saw charlie saying i can't go out with you cause i'm moving to africa and you cut me come on now come up with an excuse that fits this world...yeah have fun in africa i hope your plane crashes...and i cut him last night cause i didn't wanna get hurt...could we say a coincident?...ha perfect?..being the dumb person that i am i said yes to him...everyone was telling me he was gonna do this and i'm sorry i didn't listen to ya guys...haha yes charlie i love you so0o much too...

for once im actually happy to go to softball...i'll be with the people that actually care...and maybe it can get my mind off the only guy i ever LOVED...and cause its hot out...yay!..

this world rocks = ]haha not...

i still love charlie so much...i'm gonna need a whole lot of help to forget this guys know...i really liked him...more then anyone...i even picked him over my family...i did everything i could to make him happy...
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