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  • Music: pretty much was boring as hell and we had a lot of homework, but on top of that i had to go to religious school for an hour which was pretty much living hell...we did absolutely nothing and i just sat there watching the clock...then my mom and i took the truck to pick my sister up at tanning and she took forever to get out so we sat in the burning hot sun if the car waiting...then when we finally got home i had to go put stinkin clothes away...and on top of that i get online and the first thing i see if charlie saying idk...can this get any worse? well yeah it can...hes sittin here tellin me he dont know if he's gonna cut me and he won't tell me what the fuck is wrong...come on he knows i love does everyone else in this world...god i'm not going through this again...i know i said this before but if he cuts me and i take him back you guys gotta help me...i knew this would happen...ahh FUCK!

i guess there was a plus to the dad went to Florida for the week cause he got laid off from his least there won't be so much fighting for the week...ughh and maybe i'll get through one whole week without getting grounded...

well of course good old macy made my day! nice to know i got someone who i knowwon't let me down...
ughh today fuckin sucks...

i love him so0o much why can't he see...</3
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