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this is my first time doing this so its not too great...well today i came home from school...ate a pickle..then went outside cause charlie came over...we played basketball and hung out for a while then he went home around 5:15...after that i did boring homework then ate pasta for dinner...then i kinda pigged out on cookies ; ] was a kinda lazy day... ughh i really hate my family almost everyday everyones fighting and i'm getting really sick of it...sometimes i wish i could just move out...theres never a day that goes by without someone yelling or without either me or my sis getting in trouble...ughh it's so complicated right now... i like softball and all...but the practices can be really boring...we have practices three times a week and two of the practices are on the weekends which completely eliminates all weekend plans until the games also sucks cause we have to play in the rain too..last practice we sat there in the pouring rain and practiced...
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