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this mornin' i woke up at 11:30 and did absolutely nothing till like 4 i went to the movies and saw A Lot Like Love with gabby and first we played the games with that claw thingy, but we got bored and walked to petland, poisoned a fishy, and checked out they're such fakes...then we went and watched the movie...haha we went to go buy a slurpee and didn't have enough money, wow we looked like total assholes..then we bought large nachos and wild cherry coke, and peanut butter m&m's later on...then my mommy dropped them off at alex's and we went to dairy queen...yummmmm....then i came home and did nothing for a while until the whole matt carroll thing gabby, macy, katie, nikki, allie, charlie...that was fun...never forget tonight!!!...haha wow he went overboard!!!...his new s/n --- the initials in the beginning [[ matt carroll, charlie gombas, corey mattioli....haha then ya know the rest...but i like matt jackson way better then matt well nothing left to say!! <33
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