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well today i went to school for the first time in like two weeks!!!...haha staying home was getting boring anyway...well, school was actually nose hurt but writing was so much fun cause we played this game and totally sucked but hey it was awesome...then we had this hour long assembly with this rele gay science guy who said nothing but perverted stuff....his name was "Mr. Science"...oh boy what fun!...then i went to gabby's house and we ate the cookie dough we bought from hilltop!!! haha so dumb...o well being dumb is fun and katie and gabby no that 0=)...then we went down to wigwam with matt, billy, and that was kinda boring but it was something to do...well nothing to do tonight so i'll prolly be sittin here bored...oh well....gabby bffe! good times <3

SUNDAY'S OUR NEXT GAME....WOOO!!! cya there katie ;) #4 and #7 forever!
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