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well today was my last day home....oh well it was starting to get yesterday i got the surgery and shit and now my nose like kills and when i laugh the bone moves...its so gross!! no more softball and not a lot of anything...and then the sticky tape on my nose that is VISABLE holds my nose in place...icky!...then my mommy dropped me off at whitney today so i said hi to everyone and then walked home with daniela, billy, matt, robby, and ryan and they came over for a!

i wanna play softball, gosh im not the kind of person that just sits around!!! this totally sucks...

now katie can clap for me cause im OFFICIALLY OVER CHARLIE!!![[i think ]] ...haha gabby, macy, katie, and marisa, member that night with the whole bisexual thing lol? ... unforgetable night...ilugsm!!

gabby ASSHOLES...CURSE THEM!!! lol what store could possibly only have one shoe! note to self: don't go to footlocker unless you only have one foot! - bitch hole ;) ...lylas xoxox so many good times...bffenene! peace up atown down...lets play dressup [[ this time without giving me a makeup moustache!!! ]] tehe lyl! CANT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!!

yes katie you are a dork...and thats what i love about you =) xox

robby, matt, and daniela rock my world =)

not much else to say cause today was boring...byezzz!!!
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