cupycakes (cupycakes) wrote,

well i stayed home again today, but it was better cause gabby and john stayed home with me!!! yay...well last night charlie cut me again...i still love him, but it's kinda getten old, we break up like everyday and it sucks cas i actually liked him...well w/e i'm avoiding the whole today at 2:30 i gotta go to the doctors to get "cleared" and i still don't know what that means, then tomorrow is the whole surgery and shit...then i think charlie's still coming with me..i hope...not sure...then im just gonna sit home tomorrow like today and yesterday, hopefully with the game yesterday me and meggy sat in the car and talked and messed with all the buttons in the car...haha that was fun!

katie can count woohoo!!! =)

well nothing left to say...i'll try to right tomorrow!!!!
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