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well i haven't written a while so theres a lot to say...i gotta get surgery for my damn nose cause its "displaced", its gonna be this whole big thing, and i really don't wanna get it dont, but as usual i don't have a choice...after i get the surgery i can't do anything for 6 weeks, which means no recess, no sports, and not a lot of running around, which sucks, cause i'm not the kind of person that likes sitting home all day everyday while all my friends are out...i was actually looking foward to playing softball this year cause i'm with all my friends that are older then me and it's my first year on the majors, but cause of my stupid nose which i already hated before this happened, i'm out for the season.

at least i can say tnings with charlie are doin pretty good for now...we'll see what happens laterr...

just have to say that katie and lesia are the best ppl in this world =)...thanks guys lul xox...
katie thanks so much for always being there for me...i love you katie... lesia same to you!!!

i stayed home sick today cause i have a really bad cold and was up almost all night because of it...then i have wed. and thurs. off cause the surgery is on wed. and my recovery day is thurs...this cold sucks i can hardly breathe and i'm so effin tired and bored...no1 else stayed home today...grrr

and of course theres my other bestest friends dan and can't live without macy to brighten up your day!!! lylas...and then theres dan...good old dan...always there for you, and someone you can talk to and know he won't tell anyone what you say...thanks lylab...

today is the cubs first softball game!!!...can't wait to watch us kick the braves ass!!! come to wigwam if you wanna watch [[were the bright blue team haha]] i'm #4, katies #7, and Laur's #10 look for us if ya go! [[ i'll be on the bench or in the car ]] ;)
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