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so0o...kasandra slept over last night and in the morning we ate french toast then met charlie at hiltop...then we walked home and hung out for a while...then my mommy made them leave for whatever reason so then i went outside and tanned for a while...then charlie came back over with andy, mike, and nick for a while and we just chilled 'till they went home...then i ate dinner, talked to charlie for a while but then he left for stevens house so i talked to mike and them for a while...after that i watched the rest of toy story and went downstairs with my sister and her boyfriend, adam...we started taking pictures then went totally crazii and now we're a family...[[they adopted me]]...then she got lipstick all over his didn't do much else today...tomorrow my mommy, me, and my sister are going to the mall and then charlie might come over = )...

ughh this whole nose thing totally sucks...i can hardly do anything...i can't even run..oh well...i still can't believe i ended up with a broken nose...well i have to go see "dr. coffee" thursday so he can tell me all the shit about when my nose will heal and what i can do for now...i sware he touches me i'll kick him...grr i hate doctors = ]
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