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  • Music: was half good half today rocked..{{i never thought those words would come out of my mouth }}...only cause the assembly rocked...see me and gabby fell madly in love with two of the african one of them knew how to move..woah!..well my guy, who was named jeff, around 70 yrs. old came up to ME with the drum and let me play i had no clue what to do!...and me and gabby started fighting over that hot hunk = ] so then she decided to take the man that looked like a caveman while i got the priest- looking hairy chested pajama one...then we all got up and danced and did the conga line..woo so much fun...

after school... me, alana, gabby, syd, jessenia set off to kohl's to get our totally awesome outfits for the talent show...then after we got done with our hour long fitting we went to dunkin' donuts and got coolata's and chocolate donuts...were pigs...then we went back to alana's and practiced our dance while running around and pigging out on ice...haha good times..ilu guys...

now comes the fun part...i get home and have a whole big conflict with charlie and jena...cause someone went on charlie's screen name and said stuff...i dont even no what but then he got hes saying he won't go back out with me...well whateve i love him..but his decision..and i <3 jena and all but...idk...i just wish she didnt tell him she liked him...she got pissed when i liked how does she think i feel?...well whatever that just made my day!
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